Stock up on Some of Soap & Glory's Best Products and Save 20% Too

Soap & Glory's flirty and affordable products are meant for a self-care day.

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20% Off - Soap & Glory | Ulta Beauty

While visiting the UK in 2007, I ran into Boots (an awesome drug store chain) because I was looking for lotion. The flat I was staying in made my skin so dry, but lucky for me, I discovered The Righteous Butter from Soap & Glory, and we’ve been together ever since. Right now, get the next for 20% off your next order.

Another old favorite that we can all use right now is Hand Food ($6). Treat them to some silky soft relief if you’re compulsively washing your hands and noticing they’re going through the wringer. It’s non-greasy and is made with shea butter, macadamia oil, and marshmallow. It’s slightly scented but in no way overwhelming. I usually have a travel size of this in my bag.

Exfoliating is important to achieving soft skin. Cleaning away dead skin, dirt, and grim is the way to get there. I use Scrub Of Your Life ($10) when I want something a little more heavy-duty. This is usually when I plan on using a tattoo balm, and the only way to make those pieces sing is by scrubbing them first. This buffs each tattoo but also scrubs dry skin and deep cleans my pores when needed. It has the classic “pink fragrance,” again not too much but just a hit of floral and fruit. This will leave your skin in the perfect spot for ultimate moisturizing.


Say hello to one of my favorite products. My face has never been so soft in my life. The Glow Your Mind Nourishing Cleansing Balm ($11) far exceeded my expectations. It’s velvety and gentle but still finds a way to get rid of makeup remnants. Whatever Soap & Glory is doing with this product, keep doing it. I actually get excited to use this every day. They call it a balm-to-milk formula that’s got vitamin C and 4 loving oils: marula, avocado, apricot, and jojoba. This one is virtually scentless but total perfection.