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Stalk The Stars (In A Chill Way) With This Telescope

Celestron Travel Scope, $67
Celestron Travel Scope, $67
Photo: Amazon

Move aside, city-slickers. This here’s for the outskirts.

If you need something to do without a screen, without money or alcohol, you could do worse than looking at the stars.

The Celestron 70mm Travel Scope gives you deeper access to the infinite, and half of a passport to a galaxy far, far away––or at least the moon and stuff. At $66.90, it’s a small price to pay for cosmic wonder.

There’s something meditative about looking into the cosmos. It’s mediative and purifying. And, given how much time we spend staring at screens, it’s always nice to direct our eyes elsewhere.


With all the talk of astrology, and all the trouble Mercury being in retrograde gets us, stars are bigger than ever. Think of how often we get incredible moons––more than “once in a blue moon,” right?

All your hazy Instagram posts don’t compare to seeing the real thing. Or: using this scope to get better pictures. Here’s an example of the sort of majesty a customer got––all by using this scope with their iPhone!

While this isn’t an expert or professional level telescope, this scope does wonders for the price range. And, frankly, the lack of complications helps to provide an excellent and streamlined product.

The elegance matters. This is a low-stress, easy-to-assemble scope, one that’s somewhat hard to mess up. It’s sturdy and scratch-resistant and fully portable, with its own tripod and carrying backpack case.

For less than $70.00, you buy a stake in the infinite, a decade-plus of possibilities.

Sure, you’ll likely watch Netflix. Some nights are too cold, too cloudy, too late or simply “not the vibe.” But simply having the option––something wholesome and eternal––may be worth the price-point.


Besides, even if this isn’t for you: this is yet another great panic-gift for the right person: it’s a warm, aspirational and interesting gift for an astrology fan, a photography hopeful, or a bird-watcher––because this comes with a day mode, as well making it viewable for landscapes or animals gives it extra utility.

So: err on the side of the infinite. The stars will thank you.

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