Shoot Your Muscles With This Handheld Massage Gun and Save $50

It's not really a gun, I promise. But it is 17% off right now.

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Theragun Prime Handheld Percussive Massager | $250 | Best Buy
Theragun Prime Handheld Percussive Massager | $250 | Target

Maybe you’re tired of paying for personal massages, or maybe you just want a little extra work between them, but whatever the reason, this Theragun Prime handheld percussive massager is a great way to accomplish just that. The battery-powered device delivers up to 30lbs of force, and it even connects, via Bluetooth, to the Theragun app, giving you guided, customized massage routines after your workout. They’re quiet, and at 2lbs, quite portable, as well. You can pick one up at Best Buy using the above link, or get the same deal at Target—we do like our choices, don’t we?