Sharp Used Steam To Make a Faster Toaster Oven, And It's Finally Affordable

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Sharp Countertop Steam Oven | $201 | Amazon
Sharp Countertop Steam Oven | $201 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Sharp’s countertop steam oven shrinks down the super-fast steam cooking tech you’d find in a lot of restaurant kitchens to an appliance the size of a large toaster oven, and the results are terrific. Steam, convection fans, and a broiler combine to cook your food way faster than a traditional oven, and you can get it on Amazon right now for $201, a whopping $299 less than its original price from when it launched last year.

I don’t expect it to be the next Instant Pot in terms of popularity, but anything that saves time in the kitchen is worth a look, in my book.