Save a Few Bucks On Our Favorite Compact Bike Rack

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Yakima’s ForkChop is one of the fastest and easiest ways to carry a bike on the roof of your car, and you can grab it for $110 today, or about $15-$20 less than usual.

Our deal researcher Corey took ForkChop for a test drive, and had this to say:

I can remove or install a Yakima ForkChop in under 3 minutes out of the box. Yes, I was trying to go fast. Yes, I’ve installed various bike racks before. But don’t think you can’t do the same. This thing is super simple to install confidently without tools or complicated instructions.

I used to have zero qualms about driving with roof rails on top of my car as if they were welded to it. Now that I actually care how my car looks and how fuel efficient it is, I don’t want a perma-rack on my car. The Yakima ForkChop is not only easy to install and remove, it’s small enough that it fits in my glovebox... or would fit if it wasn’t full of service records and tools. It fits easily in the trunk or under a seat, too.