Pay Close Attention and Save $50 on Very Specific Configurations of the Apple Watch Series 7

Take advantage of this up to 13% discount and marvel at the minute bezels of the Series 7.

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Starlight Apple Watch 41mm Series 7 GPS | $349 | Amazon
Midnight Apple Watch 45mm Series 7 GPS | $379 | Amazon
Green Apple Watch 45mm Series 7 Cellular + GPS | $479 | Amazon
(Product) Red Apple Watch 45mm Series 7 Cellular + GPS | $479 | Amazon

Have you been just itching to get an Apple Watch Series 7, but the full price is a bridge too far? Well, lucky you, it’s on sale at Amazon right now for $50 off, or enough to pick up an Apple Watch accessory like a new sport loop band. Whether you’re getting a 41mm or 45mm, GPS-only or Cellular+GPS, you’ll save that fifty bucks, if you’re down with the green watch. If green fills you with rage, you can still get the Midnight or Starlight colors for the same deal, but only on the GPS version. Finally, the 41mm GPS-only version and the 45mm Cellular+GPS version of the (PRODUCT)red color are also discounted by $50, but only those two. Thank you for sticking with me on the details of this annoyingly specific sale, now let’s talk about why you want a Series 7 Apple Watch.

The Series 7 watch has a built-in blood oxygen sensor, ECG sensor, and can notify you of an unusually high or low heart rate, or track your workouts, all while maintaining a seamless connection with your phone. That’s to say nothing of the communication features of the watch, which have been there for some time, and which turn you into a 1960s spy, and I don’t think people remember that often enough. The Series 7 specifically brought significantly thinner bezels and fast charging, among other, more minor, improvements.

As great as all of that is, Apple is still a terrible for refusing to make the battery and screen replaceable. The cost for replacement of this thing is so high that most people are pushed to simply buy a new replacement, and I guarantee you not every watch makes it back to Apple or another retailer for refurbishing. I say this as a human who bought one as recently as the Series 6, and will almost certainly buy another before an angry Christian god finally quits procrastinating and smites us from the earth.

This article was originally posted by Wes Davis on 01/19/2022, and was updated with new information on 01/24/2022.