The 23andMe Health + Ancestry DNA Test is $50 off Today Only, Just $99

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23andMe Health + Ancestry | $99 | Woot

Looking for more clarity on your ancestry or keen on getting some fresh health insights? Get both with the 23andMe Health + Ancestry DNA test, which is currently $100 off at Amazon’s Woot site for today only. There’s free shipping for Prime members, too.

You’ll send off a vial of your saliva to their lab, and they’ll analyze it and send you reports that are continuously updated with new details over time as the data pool expands. There’s plenty of debate over the effectiveness of such tests and privacy concerns about sharing your DNA data, but customers seem very pleased with the results: it has a 4.7-star rating at Amazon.

This story was originally published by Andrew Hayward on 06/08/2021 and updated with new information on 07/16/2021.