Save 32% on a Razor Scooter for Kids and Adults Alike

Get an extra-tall Razor scooter with 10" wheels for $108.

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The Razor A6 scooter in action
The Razor A6 scooter in action
Graphic: Joe Tilleli

Razor scooters took my generation by storm as we were growing up. Everyone on the block had one and you needed to make sure you got yours in a color that someone else didn’t already have. Had to stand out. For those wondering, Razor’s still around and they got more options than they had 20 years ago. This kick scooter for instance has extra tall handle bars, a longer deck, and larger wheels at 10" across. They make for either a great way for kids to get around the neighborhood or for adults to commute in a busy city.

Razor A6 Kick Scooter | $108 | Amazon

The Razor kick scooter is normally priced at $160, but right now, you can get one for just $108. That’s over a 30% discount.