Save $300 On a Kamado Grill So You Can Spend $300 On Meat

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Kamado grills are so hot right now. Like literally, they get up to 750 degrees, or a whole lot cooler if you want to smoke something slow and low.

If you’re even considering a 188 pound, $895 grill, I assume you’ve already done some of your homework, or tasted your neighbor’s brisket and realized that you need this in your life, but just as a refresher, the thick and heavy ceramic walls are significantly better than metal at maintaining heat and moisture, and the shape promotes air circulation for even cooking.

The Kamado Joe II almost always sells for $1,200, but today only, you can get it for just $895 on Amazon (with our apologies to your delivery driver). That’s a lot of money for a grill! But if you want to get into meat smoking, or even outdoor pizza cooking, this is as good as it gets.You even get a five year warranty on anything metal, and a lifetime warranty on the ceramic, so this one should last you.