Save 16% on the SafeRest Full-Size Mattress Protector and Protect Your Dorm Mattress

Feel safe and secure during all activities on your bed.

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Keep that mattress fresh as the day it was bought.
Keep that mattress fresh as the day it was bought.
Image: Jason Coles

You can’t control everything that meets your bed, but this SafeRest Full-Size Mattress Protector keeps your beloved mattress safe from all that comes across it. It’s also 16% off at the moment, at $29 if you clip the coupon. It’s a thin, noiseless, breathable cover that won’t change the feel of your mattress. It also protects against dust mites and bacteria to keep you safe.

SafeRest Full-Size Mattress Protector | $29 | Amazon | Clip Coupon

Your bed is the most important place, and when it’s in disarray, everything feels off. It’s the place you go for the rest you need to be the best version of yourself, so it needs to be protected at all costs. Especially in a dorm, where you’re sitting on your bed, or at your uncomfortable desk, so grab this and look after it.


This story was originally published by Keith Stawarz on 07/-02/2022 and updated with new information by Erin O’Brien on 07/27/20.