The Robots Are Taking Teenagers' Jobs: Save $120 On the Roomba For Your Grass

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Robotic vacuums have finally started to catch on in the mainstream, but mowing the lawn might actually be the more odious chore, especially when it’s hot out. Luckily, the Roomba for your yard exists, and it’s on sale right now for $880, or about $120 less than usual.

The Worx Landroid runs seven days per week to keep your lawn perfectly manicured at all times, and like a robotic vacuum, it can park itself back on its charging base whenever its battery runs low, or if it starts to rain. The biggest catch is that you’ll have to peg down or bury a guide wire along the perimeter of your lawn (even if you have a fence) which helps Landroid figure out where it is, and stops it from escaping into the wilderness of Ms. Jenkins’ backyard herb garden.

$880’s a lot of money, obviously, but you can’t put a price on reclaiming your Saturday afternoons.