Saturday's Best Deals: Exploding Kittens, High Sierra, Dremel, and More

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Packing cubes, Exploding Kittens, and High Sierra hydration packs lead off Saturday’s best deals.

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Packing cubes can make organizing clothes and toiletries for your next trip a little less hellish, and this highly-rated set of four from AmazonBasics is only $20 today. That’s about $5 less than usual, and an all-time low. I actually own a set of these, and I absolutely love them.

Anker’s kevlar-wrapped PowerLine cables have been an immediate hit with our readers, and you can upgrade your entire microUSB cable collection today with this $11 5-pack.

You know the guy that writes The Oatmeal webcomics? He made a card game, and it became the most-backed project in Kickstarter history, as measured by number of individual backers. If you weren’t one of them though, Amazon’s taking $4 off the standard and NSFW editions today, the first discount they’ve ever offered. Update: It was on sale during Prime Day, but this is the first discount available to all Amazon shoppers.

Chromebooks are about to get a lot more interesting, and you can add one to your arsenal for just $150 today, courtesy of Amazon.

As far as Chromebooks go, this is pretty standard fare. You’ll get an 11.6" screen, 16GB of onboard storage, and 10 hours of battery life, though it does include 4GB of RAM, which is double what you’ll find in most similarly priced Chromebooks. Today’s $150 price tag is the lowest price Amazon’s ever listed outside of Prime Day, so be sure to lock in your order while you still can.

And yes, this model will support Android apps.

There are surely sleeker looking options in the cheap Bluetooth headphone space, but $10 is just about as good a price as you’ll ever see. Promo code EARBUDS5 should work on all three colors.

High Sierra’s popular hydration packs come in all shapes and sizes, and over a dozen different models are included in today’s Amazon Gold Box. They run the gamut from a tiny pack for short hikes to frame backpacks for extended outings, and they’ll all be more expensive after today.

Trump says America’s in the toilet, but you can buy three stainless steel mixing bowls, measuring spoons, measuring cups, and a whisk all for just $13, so things can’t be that bad.

Want wireless streaming and handsfree calling in your older car? This $21 dongle receives the Bluetooth signal from your phone (or music files from flash drives and microSD cards), and transmits it to the FM radio station of your choice.

We’ve seen several deals on Bluetooth car kits in the past, but most require that your car include an AUX jack, whereas this only needs a working FM radio.

You might not need to use a Dremel all that often, but it’s one of those things everyone should keep in their tool box, if only for sanding wood and carving jack-o-lanterns. And today, Amazon’s discounting the Dremel 2290 3-tool craft kit to an all-time low $79, matching a Gold Box deal from early July.

Of course, the kit comes with a standard 2-speed Dremel rotary tool, but what makes this collection special are the included extras: A pen-style rotary engraver, and a butane soldering torch. That makes this a great deal for everyone from home improvement projects to arts & crafts. Just note that like all Gold Box deals, this price is only available today, or until sold out.

Before you head out on your next summer trip, be sure to pick up this popular inflatable travel pillow for just $7 with code OSDTP699.

Most of these things are basically c-shaped inner tubes, which is okay, but this model includes extra cushioning on the sides to help you nod off without straining your neck, even if you’re flying economy.

Steaming foods is one of the easiest ways to heat up a quick meal, and a double boiler can make surprisingly great scrambled eggs and sauces, and this $25, 3-in-1 set can handle both.

If you’re in the market for a new Xbox One controller, this is about as cheap as they get. It even comes with a microUSB cable to connect it to your PC.

Jackery makes some of the most popular battery packs around, but the brand new Jackery Jewel is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Really, the Jewel isn’t so much a battery pack as it is a Lightning cable with a battery bulge in the middle. That 450mAh battery is only good for a ~15-20% charge, depending on the iPhone model, but that can be the difference between finishing the night with a working smartphone or an inert slab of glass.

When it’s plugged into a charger or computer, the Jewel also acts as a standard Lightning cable, except that while it’s refueling your phone or syncing data, it’s also recharging its built-in battery. Jackery sent me one of these to try out a few weeks ago, and I often find myself using it around the house when I want to stave off battery anxiety without tethering myself to a power outlet.

For a limited time, Jackery’s offering a 20% launch discount on the Jewel with promo code JERJEWEL, so if you want to add this to your charging gear collection, there’s no reason to wait.

If you can’t find the time to get to the gym every day, this under-desk elliptical lets you squeeze in some light exercise while you fill out spreadsheets and file expense reports. $100 is the lowest price Amazon’s ever offered, and actually matches a Gold Box deal from a few weeks ago.

The Amazon Fire HD 6 is one of the best sub-$100 tablets you can buy, and the Fire HD 10 makes for a great portable TV, and you can save on both today on Amazon as part of a back to school promotion.

If you’re looking to add to your Lightning cable collection, RAVPower will give you a 3' cable for free when you purchase a $13, 6' cable today. That’s a little bit pricey for the 6' cable on its face, but it does have a fancy looking metal connector, as does the shorter cable that you’re getting for free.

Just add both cables to your cart, and use code M585VCOK at checkout.

This 50W flood light is not only equipped with a timer to program it for security purposes, it also has a remote controlled-dimmer and color-change setting and it’s waterproof. But wait, there’s more! It’s $10 less than it’s ever been on Amazon right now when you use the code LKNOVA20.

The best thing about fall is all the fall smells. Not the actual IRL smells, but the ones that brands dig up for their limited edition things like Cinnamon Apple and Pumpkin Pie. You can stock up on those scents and more with 2-for-$24 3-wick candles from Bath & Body Works and make your whole place smell like Leaves or something.

Ready to experience meat in a whole new way? You can pick up the newest model of Anova’s top-selling Sous Vide immersion circulator for $50 off.

Lifehacker has a great explainer on Sous-Vide cooking for you to check out, but the basic idea is that you seal the food in plastic bags, and then cook it in precisely heated water over a longer period of time. It sounds weird, but trust me when I say that it works like magic.

Every time we post this, we get some snark about the Wi-Fi connectivity, so just know that it’s optional. If you connect your phone, you can find a recipe via Anova’s app, and automatically program the cooker with one tap, but you certainly don’t need to use it.

You probably looked at that image up there and laughed. But let me tell you, there’s nothing funny about using the bathroom in the middle of the night and having to turn on an overhead light to see where you’re going. Because as soon as you hit that switch, you know you’re not getting back to sleep for another hour.

GlowBowl fits on just about any toilet, is motion activated, and can even output seven different colors of light. Most importantly though, it won’t wreak havoc on your circadian rhythms. It normally sells for $20, and is worth every penny, but you can pick one up from Amazon right now for $15, matching a Prime Day deal.

For several months now, single-port Quick Charge 2.0 wall chargers have bottomed out at $5. Today though, you can get a dual-port model from Omaker for just $4 with promo code QOM3OFT3.





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