Check Out the Newly Announced Samsung Galaxy S22 Smartphones and Galaxy Tab S8 Tablets

Earn a $250 credit when you pre-order the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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Galaxy S22, 128GB (Unlocked) | $800 | Samsung
Galaxy S22+, 128GB (Unlocked) | $1,000 | Samsung
Galaxy S22 Ultra, 128GB (Unlocked) | $1,200 | Samsung
Galaxy Tab S8, 128GB, Graphite (Wi-Fi) | $700| Samsung
Galaxy Tab S8+, 128GB, Graphite (Wi-Fi) | $900 | Samsung
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, 128GB, Graphite (Wi-Fi) | $1,100 | Samsung

Samsung’s latest Unpacked event kicked off this morning showcasing the new Galaxy S22 smartphone and Galaxy Tab S8. There are three variants of each—the standard model, a + version, and an Ultra. You can check out what our friends at Gizmodo have to say about the newly announced products in further detail here. They’ve also reviewed the S22 Ultra with their main takeaway being that it’s essentially a Samsung Galaxy Note in all but name, with the larger screen, angled corners, and inclusion of an S pen.

Samsung is offering a $200 credit toward an array of accessories and other products when you pre-order the new Galaxy S22 or S22+ smartphones. That jumps to $250 when you pre-order the Galaxy S22 Ultra. In addition, if you choose to put that credit toward the new Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, you will save an extra 25%. This makes your total savings on the Tab S8 Ultra with an S22 or S22+ $475. The Tab S8 Ultra with an S22 Ultra net you a savings of $525.

The new Samsung Galaxy products with ship February 25.