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Roll Better Cigarettes With This $4.20 Amazon Purchase

RAW Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine | $4.20
RAW Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine | $4.20
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been known to smoke a fat [REDACTED] here and there.


You have a few options when it comes to that. You can buy them pre-purchased from a guy named Doolie, or maybe you’re lucky enough to live by a legal dispensary.

There’s a bit of a mark-up, but some considerable ease. Of course, you could also buy the RAW Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine for, um, $4.20.

The RAW roller is unique because it makes rolling herbal cigarettes easy, even for the technically clumsy and/or for the tremendously baked. The object itself is elegant, simple, and impossible to break, which is a tremendous plus.

There’s no outlet, no batteries, no USB or WiFi required. You put your herb (or tobacco) in the roller. You roll it. You feed a paper into the machine and roll it around the filling, and presto! A smokable crepe, ready for a filter.

What I really like about the RAW roller, though, is the ability to actually make something by hand. I don’t have much in the way of fine motor skills; my handwriting is terrible, and I am bad enough at tying my shoes that people are like “man, you’re bad at tying your shoes.” So to have the ability to roll functional [REDACTED]s with the help of a small device is a pretty nice win for me.

It can be for you, too.

There’s a certain charm to a hand-rolled [REDACTED]. It becomes imbued with the personality of the roller; it lets you create something. When’s the last time you crafted an object? Making something real, tangible, and with a purpose is the best little advantage of rolling your own cigarettes. It adds a new texture and dimension to an activity that deserves it, bringing you closer to both the object and the experience.

It’s easy, it’s classic, and it works. There’s not a better way to spend (most of) a five dollar bill.

So, get the RAW Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine for all your DIY smoking needs. Personally, I like to partner it with RAW rolling papers and Pre-Rolled Tips for the ultimate cohesive rolling situation. That package is still cheaper than a dub-sack, and will last for a lot longer.


Plus, this is the only one of those you can buy on Amazon. So far.