Protect Your Fur Babies With 20% off Pawp, Your Online Vet Clinic and Safety Net For Emergencies

Protect your precious pets for $15 on your first month with Pawp.

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Pawp| $15 on your first month (limited time offer) | Promo Code INVENTORY20
Pawp| $15 on your first month (limited time offer) | Promo Code INVENTORY20
Image: Alexei (Shutterstock)

Pawp| $15 on your first month (limited time offer) | Promo Code INVENTORY20

While we all love our pets, footing the vet bill every time can quickly snowball into exorbitant costs reaching hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. Pawp, a telehealth service providing unlimited and 24/7 access to licensed vets and pet professionals, is one way to save time and money on unnecessary vet visits. Their vets are available anytime — no appointments required and no wait times. Plus, this first-of-its-kind platform gives members access to a $3,000/year emergency fund so that you can protect your pets without going into debt.

Pawp is celebrating its 1 year anniversary. Therefore, we’ve got a special offer just for you. Until September 15th of 2021, you will pay $15 on your first month using the promo code INVENTORY20. Pawp protects up to six pets within a household regardless of their age, breed, location, and preexisting conditions at no extra cost — as well as giving you access to $3,000 a year for one emergency vet bill. Unlike pet insurance, with Pawp there’s no copay, deductible, or credit check. Oh, and you don’t pay it back! You can use your fund at any vet in the U.S. Pawp pays the vet directly before you leave the clinic.

Because 60% of pet issues can be solved with telehealth, Pawp might be the solution you need to get quality pet care for a fraction of the cost. They’ve got your back!

Don’t miss out on what one customer called the “best $19 I ever spent,” now down 20% when you enter the coupon code INVENTORY20 at checkout for a limited time.