Preorder and Save On an Affordable Chef's Knife From One Of Our Favorite Cookware Brands

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Wigbold Chef’s Knife | Kickstarter
Gif: Kickstarter

The team that brought us one of the most innovative nonstick pans we’ve ever seen is back with their latest project, a German steel chef’s knife that can last you a lifetime.

That’s not to stay that the Wigbold will stay sharp on its own for a lifetime, but the blade is larger and thicker on the heel than most premium chef’s knives, giving you more steel to work with over the course of years as you sharpen it. And if you don’t know how or don’t want to sharpen it yourself, you can send it into Crowd Cookware for free at any time to get it professionally honed.

The handle of the knife flows from the blade as a single, uninterrupted piece of steel, and utilizes the same hexagonal pattern that we saw from Crowd Cookware’s nonstick pans. While that pattern served an actual purpose in the cookware, here it’s primarily decorative. That said, it does look fantastic, and the ridges provide a bit of extra grip if your hands get sweaty.


Today is the Wigbold’s last day on Kickstarter, where it’s already raised over a quarter million dollars, and you can preorder to get one for about $66.