Save $59 on This Surround Gaming Neckset for 3D Sound Without Covering Your Ears

Immersive virtual 3D surround sound around your neck for $41.

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Hori 3D Surround Gaming Neckset | $41 | Amazon

Neckset is just the strangest term I’ve heard. Go ahead, say it out loud. Neckset. I mean, it does make sense. A headset you wear on your head, so what should we call the same product but for around your neck? Neckset. Maybe sound necklace? No that’s a dumb name. Neckset isn’t dumb, it’s just... strangely uncomfortable. Ironically, the neckset itself doesn’t look uncomfortable to wear at least. In fact, this seems to be a pretty clever design to create 3D sound in a low-profile product. This specific... neckset... is designed for use with PS4, PS5, and PC and is available for $41 at Amazon.

This deal was originally published by Joe Tilleli on 06/29/2021 and updated with new information on 07/08/2022.