Pre-order the New Xbox Controller in Astral Purple

A new color will soon be available for the Xbox wireless controller.

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Play across devices including console, PC, and mobile.
Play across devices including console, PC, and mobile.
Graphic: Joe Tilleli

While Sony got fancy with the DualSense, the new Xbox Series X|S controller is much simpler. In fact, it’s pretty much unchanged from the Xbox One generation. The new Xbox Wireless Controller feels natural with its lightweight design, textured triggers, and hybrid D-pad. It’s also Bluetooth-enabled, making it easy to switch over to your computer. And it comes in a whole lot of awesome colors with new options coming out all the time. Speaking of which, you can now pre-order the Astral Purple.

Xbox Wireless Controller (Astral Purple) | $65 | Amazon

Even if you don’t have an Xbox, it’s an excellent choice for PC or mobile gamers looking for a solid controller. Amazon has the new controller pre-orderable for $65. Great opportunity to stock up for local multiplayer outings.Set to release September 19, 2023.