Pre-Order the 4K Ultra HD Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Blu-Ray for $24

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete | $24 | Amazon

I’ll never forget the first time a friend showed me Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. At that point, the idea of a good video game movie was a myth. And yet, here was this legitimately great CG animation featuring your boy Cloud. With my brain still amped up from the excellent Final Fantasy VII Remake, I’ve been itching to revisit Advent Children for the past year and see if it holds up. Here’s a good excuse to do just that. Amazon currently has the new complete 4K ultra HD edition of the film up for pre-order. You can get it for $24 right now, which is down from its $31 list price. This new version is an extended, remastered cut of the film and features some behind the scenes footage too. Perhaps we will finally learn all of the animation secrets that make Cloud’s Jnco’s work.