Shoot Your Way Through H.R. Giger's Phallic-Shaped Menaces in Aliens Fireteam Elite for $20

Take on swarms of Xenomorphs with two other friends.

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Aliens Fireteam Elite (XBO/XSX) | $20 | Amazon
Aliens Fireteam Elite (PS5) | $20 | Amazon

Alien Isolation was one of my favorite games within the very specific genre, “Big scary thing hunts me and I can’t do anything about it.” And just as when we went from the film Alien to its sequel Aliens, the new game Aliens Fireteam Elite is turning the dial down on horror and pumping up the action instead. Take on hordes of smooth, wet xenomorphs in this three-person co-op action shooter. It’s only $20 over at Amazon.


This story was originally published by Joe Tilleli on 06/23/2021 and updated by Joe Tilleli with new information on 04/12/2022.