Power Practical Attached a Great Light Strip to An Incredible Button

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Power Practical’s new Luminoodle Click doesn’t reinvent lighting, or really do any one thing that we haven’t seen in some other products. It just sticks to the basics, and completely nails them.

Motion-sensing LED lights that you can stick anywhere are ubiquitous, but they’re not always the right tool for the job. Motion sensors constantly (if slowly) drain your light’s battery, and they frequently turn on the light when you don’t need it, or worse, don’t turn it on when you do. So you can understand why Power Practical eschewed the motion sensor in favor of a single, big-ass button.

Just pop three AA batteries (included) into the base of the unit, stick the light strip to the surface of your choice with its built-in adhesive, and you’re done. If you want to turn the light on, you just press the button, which comprises most of the base. Press again to turn off, and the unit won’t drain any power. The obvious downside here is that you have to remember to turn the light off yourself, but that’s what rechargeable AAs are for.


As you’d expect from the folks who brought you Luminoodle camp lights and TV bias lights, the light strip itself is also excellent. The 3' strip can easily fit into tight grooves or reach around corners, and the 18 warm white or daylight LEDs provide bright, even lighting for the entire length of the strip.

The sound is amplified a bit by the metal washing machine, but regardless, it feels so good to press.

Last but not least, let’s talk about that button, because it’s one of the best buttons I’ve ever used. It’s enormous, and immensely satisfying to press, with a loud click, and tight springiness. Honestly, I wish they’d sell the button by itself to use as a desk fidget toy, I would just press it all day, every day until it broke. I made a video of it (embedded), so you can hear how great it sounds.


The Click isn’t the most feature-packed or exciting product, but it does exactly what you’d expect from a stick-anywhere light strip, and does it well for $20. You can also grab a three pack for $40, which seems like a no-brainer.