Pick Up Returnal for $50 and Then Fight Your Way Through a Dark, Dangerous Internet to Secure Yourself a PS5 to Play It On

You won't be able to play this action roguelike shooter without one.

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Returnal | $50 | Amazon
Returnal | $50 | Amazon

Returnal | $50 | Amazon

I, like many folks, do not have a PS5 yet. I just haven’t cared too much to spend time hunting on down as nothing so far seemed like a must-have that I can’t just play on a PS4 perfectly fine. That is until I saw Returnal. This is the first game to make me want to start really start scouring the internet for that PS5. I’m a big roguelike fan so this is very much my shit. Typically, we’re used to roguelikes being smaller, indie titles in pixel art (which I love!) but wow is it cool to see this genre expand into AAA levels. Returnal is now on sale for $50, down from the high PS5 standard of $70. I’m tempted to pick this up myself and hold onto it for when I finally do get my hands on the new console.

This post was originally published by Joe Tilleli on 06/21/2021 and updated with new information on 08/01/2022.