Personalize Your Own Sound Profiles With These Award-Winning ANC Earbuds

From award-winning audio company Nura, the latest NuraTrue buds adapt to your personal sound preferences and come with 3 free months of Endel.

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NuraTrue Earbuds + 3 Months of Endel | $200 | Nura
NuraTrue Earbuds + 3 Months of Endel | $200 | Nura
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

NuraTrue Earbuds + 3 Months of Endel | $200 | Nura

In 2018, Nura was a relatively unknown brand. Having just released its first product, the company was riding a wave of success prompted by the Red Dot Award in product design it achieved at CES — an award that had also been given to the Apple AirPods and Google Home in previous years. As the first company to ever introduce active noise canceling to a pair of headphones over a software update, Nura is a name worthy of your attention, and now it’s brought the same technology that yielded its over-ear headphones widespread acclaim to a pair of true wireless earbuds it calls NuraTrue.

Equipped with IPX4 water and sweat resistance, a 6-hour battery life, touch controls, and active noise-canceling, NuraTrue is a compelling product on its own. But when paired with the accompanying Nura app is when the earbuds’ value really starts to come to light. In addition to letting you customize features in-app, it can also set a profile tailored to your personal listening range. For a limited time, it also comes with 3 free months of Endel — a soundscapes app scientifically proven to help you focus and relax.

While NuraTrue true wireless earbuds are priced at $200, the brand offers a $5/month payment plan called NuraNow that nets you a new device every 2 years with additional perks including discounts and giveaways. Although NuraTrue is unfortunately excluded from that subscription, you can get a taste for the tech at a heavily discounted rate. And who knows, it could always be appended later on.