Peak Design's Everyday Tote Holds Everything, Including Your DSLR

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It’s not a camera bag that holds a few other things, it’s a bag for everything that holds a camera.

Peak Design, maker of your favorite camera bag, has a new backpack, tote, and sling up on Kickstarter. We don’t typically cover Kickstarter products until they’re available from major retailers, but with $5,000,000 pledged toward this $500,000 goal, we’re not too concerned.


The Everyday Tote is a great-looking, lightweight, weatherproof tote bag. It’s feature-packed, with extras like magnetic closure, laptop storage, external expansion, luggage passthrough, tons of pockets, a key anchor, leather accents, and more. Most importantly, it’s modular. The protective panels that keep your camera safe can be molded to support an endless number of needs or be removed entirely.

There are a ton of great camera bag options out there, but most of them are poorly suited to anything except transporting your camera and a pile of lenses. The Everyday Tote will be your weekender, your picnic basket, or your briefcase, all while offering fast access to your DSLR. The straps can even become backpack straps.