Our Readers' Favorite Cup For Drinking in the Shower: A YETI Tumbler with MagSlider Lid

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The comments got worked up into a lather, but once the hot water ran out, only one drinking vessel was worthy of being called our readers’ favorite for drinking in the shower.

The YETI Rambler 30 oz. tumbler is made from vacuum insulated, double walled stainless steel to keep your drink cold even in the hot, steamy environment of a shower. And while that construction isn’t totally unique, it was the YETI’s MagSlider lid that garnered a lot of praise.

I absolutely adore my Yeti 30oz tumbler with magnetic lid and I use it to drink in the shower almost daily (and literally everywhere else I go)

In addition to keeping your bev safe, it also keeps it either refreshingly cold or dangerously hot for hours.

I know there’s definitely a cult of Yeti thing going on right now, but it’s absolutely for a reason. - TheHumanElement


I haven’t used a yeti (kleen kanteen here) but i’m sure it insulates just as well as the rest.

When I think of drinking in the shower/tub I want two things,

Some kind of lid to keep most of the water out,

and insulation to keep my drink at the right temp. - n7titan

Yep, mag-slider for the win. I prefer the 10 oz Rambler Lowball - it actually holds a 12 oz beer perfectly.

It also has the advantage of fitting in the shower caddy more securely. - Reventlov


Of course, many of you also (understandably) asked why you wouldn’t just drink straight out the beer can. That’s totally valid if your drink of choice comes in a can, but I’d add one caveat: you should get an insulated koozie to keep your drink cold; it’ll really pay dividends in a hot shower.