Nyko Nintendo Switch Accessory Review Rush Mode [Updating]

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Are they worth switching things up for?

Power Shell Case

What is it? A slim Switch case with storage for 12 games and 4 microSD cards with a built-in stand and 5000 mAh battery pack.

What we think. This one broke our heart. A shockingly good form factor that adds almost no bulk or weight, everything you need built-in, but the damn thing recharges over microUSB? This might be perfect for someone who has no plans to replace everything with USB-C anytime soon, but I’m not paying anyone to take my technology back in time. The case also has to be open for the Switch to get charged.

Power Pak

What is it? A case that adds a 5,000 mAh battery to the Switch, has its own kickstand, doesn’t block any ports, and doesn’t add too much weight or bulk.


What we think. I used this for a lot of my initial Switch play, but eventually just started depending on an external battery pack like I do for everything else. It’s well-made and 690 mAh bigger than the Switch’s internal battery, so it should roughly double battery life. Not a good mAh-to-price ratio, obviously.


Boost Pak

What is it? A 2,500 mAh battery pack that adds the bulk to the bottom of the Switch instead of the back. Stays on the Switch in the dock and everything charges at once.

What we think. The 32X of battery packs! It’s great that you can dock and charge the whole stack, but this is also one of the worst mAh-to-price ratios available today.


Portable Docking Kit

What is it? A smaller docking station for connecting your Switch to a TV while traveling (or going to a friend’s(?) house).


What we think. This thing still has a big ol’ AC adapter, so while it’s more portable, it’s not that portable, and the cables are thick and rigid to boot. We’d rather see Nyko sell a version of this without a USB-C AC Adapter for half the price and bring our own. Inclusion of USB ports for wired controllers is a nice touch.


There’s also a version of this that’s just for charging, but why?

Update: We were not aware of this issue several commenters have pointed out, and didn’t experience it ourselves.


Core Controller

What is it? A wired controller for the Switch for twenty bucks.

What we think. The Switch Pro Controller is way too expensive, so if you don’t mind wires this is a great alternative.


Swivel Grips

What is it? Snap-on grips for your Joy-Cons.

What Kotaku Thinks.


Kick Stand

What is it? A metal kickstand with hidden storage for a microSD card.

What we think. Good for international espionage.


Dock Bands

What are they? No idea.

Update: “Unless Shane Roberts was being sarcastic,” - DoomSaber