Kinja Deals readers have snatched up tens of thousands of magnetic smartphone vent mounts for their cars, but Satechi’s take works on any flat surface.

Satechi’s Magnetic Mount is part of their new metallic series, which we’re big fans of. Simply attach the metal plate to your phone or case using the included 3M backing, mount to the surface of your choice, and you’re good to go. All the better if you’ve already got a plate on your phone from a vent mount, or the surface you’re planning to stick the mount to is magnet-friendly.

Stock up on mounts, and seamlessly move your phone to convenient locations on your desk, nightstand, car, and in your kitchen and bathroom. The system is great for frequent FaceTimers, those who use their phone or tablet as a second screen, or owners of smart toothbrushes that require a phone to be within Bluetooth range.