Igloo Daytripper Collection

Igloo’s Daytripper bags, unlike some of the competition, won’t keep your ice frozen until the next presidency, but they will arm you for a complete picnic, and do so in style.

The Daytripper Backpack is... a backpack, which is a big advantage in terms of your schlepping experience. It includes a cutting board, serving utensils, a bottle opener, multiple separate cold compartments, and dry side pockets. The straps are padded and breathable, and the main compartment comes with a divider.


The Tote brings much of the same, along with a mini picnic table, and really, who doesn’t love a mini picnic table?

In getting really good, coolers have also gotten really expensive, and Igloo’s great-looking options are a perfect alternative for those who don’t want to shell out for ice preservation overkill.