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PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratch Lounge, $50
Photo: Ana Luisa Suarez

Y’all already know that I am a Cat Mom. I’ve got three cats (and obviously, Tyrone). My cats each have their own personalities. As every cat owner knows, no matter how similar some cats might behave, they all have something that makes them unique. My three babies all have distinct differences, which means they do not often agree on things.

The only thing they’ve previously agreed about is food. Not that they eat the same wet food. God, no. They each get their own wet food. But they all agree they should eat as soon as I wake up. They also all believe they deserve treats every 30 minutes. Other than that, they are little weirdos who do their own thing.


Jasper, my part-Maine coon cat hates going to the vet but loves to sleep in his carrier. I once left to out to test if he’d handle going to the vet better if he got more comfortable with the carrier. He doesn’t. But he does love napping in/on the carrier. Jasper also has a strange obsession with sleeping on top of my fridge. Maybe he likes to be extra close to his wet food?

Luna likes to sleep on my radiator. Or, under a chair. She was found as a feral cat, so she is always a little skittish. She likes to cuddle, but on her terms, and for about only five minutes at a time. She likes cat towers, but not for the perches. She only likes the hidey-hole. She is an expert hider and enjoys the solitude there.

Sirius, my thicc kitty
Photo: Ana Luisa Suarez

Sirius, my Chonky Boi, will nap anywhere. He sleeps on the hardwood floor. The kitchen counter. On a dining room chair. He will sleep in the tub if I leave the bathroom door open. He will use any and every cat lounge or tower I get. He is an easy-to-please cat. His favorite spot is usually my lap, whenever I have my laptop out and open.

When I got the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratch Lounge, I expected only Sirius to get any use out of it. Which is fine, if one cat is happy, that is usually a good thing. At least he isn’t getting into things he’s not supposed to (paintbrushes, a bag of spinach, the dustpan – some of Sirius’s many loves). And sure enough, Sirius was the first cat to get up on the lounge.


He is a big boy who likes to nap 20 hours a day, so he plopped right down and went to sleep. I considered it a win and went about my day. But I was surprised to find Luna lounging there later on. Not only did she lounge, but she also wedged her fat belly inside of the opening and created her own makeshift hidey-hole. Sorry, I have no photos to do this sight justice.

If that wasn’t enough, she also actually used it as a scratcher as well. She is the only one who ever uses her claws for naughtiness. Using it as a scratcher is a great thing, as she has an affinity for scratching the shit out of my couch. So, anything to help with that seriously is a blessing to me.

Jasper, the Grandpa Kitty, who rarely likes anything.
Photo: Ana Luisa Suarez

I thought that having the two buddies enjoy the cat lounge was the ultimate win. But then Jasper, the crankiest and pickiest of my three cats, deemed it worthy of lounging as well. He lounges but he also uses it as a low perch to awkwardly stare at me while I am on my couch.

To date, I have never had all three on my cats like the same thing. As I said, they don’t even eat the same wet food. They do all eat Greenies treats, but I think that is just a treat obsession. If Jasper likes a toy, Luna most likely hates it. If Sirius finds a lounger extra comfy, Jasper skips it and sleeps in the carrier instead. My cats all don’t even agree on where to sleep on my bed or couch. They each have a “spot” and rarely do they ever share spots. But by some miracle, all three of my furry oddballs have deemed this lounger worthy of their nap/creep time.


Ana works as the senior commerce editor at The Inventory. Her dream job is to make her senior Yorkie, Tyrone, Insta famous.

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