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Monet Is the Best Thing You Can Stick On the Back Of Your Phone

Monet Phone Wallet
Monet Phone Wallet
Photo: Monet

It’s hard to quantify convenience, but I can tell you that with the Monet phone wallet, wasting time on my phone while keeping my things close at hand has never been easier.

Gif: Jillian Lucas

PopSockets were always intriguing to me, but I hated how the didn’t allow me to keep my MetroCard with my phone. I also have small hands (I’m only 5'1", people), so holding a phone up for the entirety of my 45 minute commute was killing the webbing between my ring and pinky fingers (you know the move of using your pinky as a weird kickstand).

The $20 Monet Wallet functions much like the CardNinja I had previously, adhering to the back of your phone with two slots for cards, but with the added bonus of a PopSocket-like grip that slides out for your fingers, locks into place, also functions as a kickstand to rest your phone on any flat surface. It’s compatible with any phone style, so long as you don’t mind sticking something to the back of it. Monet is a beautiful, functional PopSocket Frankenstein.

Honestly, if you haven’t felt how comfortable it is to have gravity work for you, rather than against you, while holding your phone, you’re missing out. Using it for the first time was like Dorothy landing in colorful Oz for the first time. Toto, we sure as hell ain’t in Kansas anymore.

Monet features a (slightly) ridiculous amount of designs to choose from, including patterns, multi-color, pastel, solid, and neon options. It’s a cornucopia of color, so you can buy an ugly phone case that keeps your screen from shattering, and make it nice with a Monet in, say, Teal/Purple or Giraffe.

With the amount of time I spend on my phone during my commute, at home, and elsewhere, feeling both organized and comfortable at the same time is extremely my shit. The Monet Wallet has now changed how I function with my phone for good.

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