WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Cube | $8 | Amazon

I bet you were just wishing that someone would find a way for Baby Shark to escape the confines of YouTube and sing for you whenever, wherever. Well, your dreams have come true with the just-released WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Cubes, $8 at Amazon. Only Baby Shark and Mommy Shark are available today, but fear not — I’m sure Daddy Shark will be back in stock soon so you can complete the collection.

The 374-piece LEGO Creator Modular Winter Vacation Set required feats of engineering I highly respect. I don’t have a builder’s mind, so the fact that an engineer somewhere was able to come up with not one, but three scenes that are creatable with this single set is amazing to me.

Almost equally amazing is the fact that Target has it for just $20 today, and you can still get it here in time for Christmas without paying for upgraded shipping. That makes it a solid option for procrastinators doing last-minute shopping, and really for anybody else interested in owning or gifting LEGO.

In case you’re curious (but not curious enough to read the product page), the three builds are a cabin with a rooftop ski slope, a bobsleigh track, and Yeti Surprise,” which is in fact not a strange Arctic casserole but a depiction of two minifigs’ encounter with Bigfoot.

Here’s a little Christmas tip from one busy parent to another: A reup of the Crayola essentials every year is an easy gift that you know will land. There’s nothing like a fresh pack of crayons to encourage creativity, and a new box feels luxurious (without costing much!) when you’ve been using flat nubs and broken pieces for a few months.

Amazon currently has Crayola markers, crayons, colored pencils, and more on sale, starting at just $6, so you can start this colorful tradition this year if you order soon. (Everyone on your list grown? That’s cool, hand lettering sets and fancy adult coloring materials are also in the mix.) You can go as messy as slime supplies or as pristine as a Color Wonder kit with markers that work only on special paper —it’s up to you and what kind of holiday you hope to have.

The 3Doodler started life a Kickstarter sensation, and now you can own the 3D-printing pen for just $35 to start building your own creations (or copying this working airplane), complete with everything you need to get started, including an Amazon-exclusive shape base that makes it easier to start doodling.

Gizmodo had a hands on with an earlier version of the 3Doodler at CES a few years ago, if you’re on the fence and want to read their impressions.

If you missed out on the $199 Xbox One S bundles on Black Friday, Walmart just put a bunch of them back on sale. They all include a 1TB hard drive and a bundled game, so you’ll have everything you need to get started on Christmas morning. Well, nearly everything.

Depending on your family’s sense of humor, Cards Against Humanity is either the best game to play over the holidays, or the worst, but you’ll never know until you try and Grandma doesn’t speak to you for three days.

The game almost never goes on sale, but Walmart is currently tossing in a free $10 e-gift card when you order the starter set for its usual $25. You can spend that $10 on an expansion pack, or anything else Walmart sells.

One of the most fun memories my family has made in recent years was a giant NERF battle on the lawn. I’m talking children, my adult siblings and their spouses, my parents — all of us pummeling each other with foam darts and then pausing to collect them so we could go again.

I kind of think I want to make it a holiday tradition, and you can, too, if you stock up on gear during Amazon’s NERF sale. Dart refills start at $4, and there are blasters from $6 (but you’ll probably want one of the bigger ones if you’re going to stand a chance in the war). It’ll give you a whole new perspective on what an “old-fashioned family Christmas” can be.

Board games are always a solid choice for holiday break entertainment. Even the most screen-addicted will need a break from the laptop/phone/TV eventually, and games are pretty excellent as far as encouraging human interaction and making memories.

Walmart has a bunch on sale today, and they range from timeless classics like Monopoly to chaotic kid faves like Pie Face Cannon. Relatively highbrow options like Trivial Pursuit are even in the mix. You’ll be happy you have them on hand once the dreary post-Christmas winter starts to drag on, and on, and on...

I know Super Smash Bros. is The Thing To Play right now, but if you have a Switch, or are giving one as a gift this year, these three games are just as essential, and they hardly ever get this cheap.

Even at its usual $12 per month, Humble Monthly is an amazing deal for PC gamers, but for a limited time, you can pre-pay for a whole year for $99. That deal is valid whether you’re an existing subscriber or a new one, so what are you waiting for?

This month’s early access games are Just Cause 3 XXL, Wizard of Legend, and Project Cars 2, and as always, more mystery games will unlock at the end of the month. Every game you get is yours to keep forever, whether you remain a subscriber or not.

When you’re too young to drive a car, zooming around on an electric toy of some kind is as rad as it gets. Actually, normal scooters are pretty fun, too.

But there’s no need to choose sides here — Walmart’s got traditional scooters, hoverboards, powered 2-wheelers, and various other awesome vehicles starting at just $15, so everyone’s a winner. Unless you’re talking about racing, in which case whoever’s on the Razor Metro probably has an edge.





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