Meal Prep Like a Pro With These Glass Pyrex Containers

And you'll never wonder where those lids disappeared to.

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Pyrex 10-Pc Single Rectangular Glass Food Storage Container | $55 | Amazon

Kinda feels good to be in on the meal prep game. Meal prep is wonderful. Meal prep makes you feel like a pro. A god. A fitness Instagram person who flexes and then shows you how to make grilled chicken. Good glass containers keep all that flavor inside—and not stinking up the fridge. These Pyrex containers are a delight—with lids that snap on tight and glass that’s freezer and microwave safe. Five containers means five work lunches or five dinners during the week: lucky you. They seal up so well, you won’t have leaks bringing your favorite soup to work. It’s fun to be prepared, you know? Grab these Pyrex containers and get to prepping.