Lively Makes Lingerie You'll Actually Wear On a Regular Basis

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If you say to me that lingerie is comfortable, I would call you a liar. Lingerie is made for special occasions (and to be taken off fairly quickly). Lively is here to change that.

Lively makes pieces that are comfortable enough that you’ll forget you’re wearing them, and if you do forget, you won’t be embarrassed if someone sees you undressed. The Palm Lace Bralette and Mesh Trim Bralette are in constant rotation for me and even the Deep V No-Wire, which is the most comfort-driven bra they make, looks like a sexy sports bra.

They also make the Busty Bralette (which I’m sure you’ve seen all over your Facebook feed). Don’t discount this as a gimmick, because my more well-endowed coworkers have championed its merits. And, to top it all off, all of their bras are convertible to racerback and adjust in the front. One more time for the people in the back: ALL OF THEIR BRAS ADJUST IN THE FRONT. Why don’t more companies do this?

The bottom line is Lively makes bras and bralettes that don’t sacrifice comfort for style (or sex appeal) and, the 2-for-$53 deal ain’t too shabby either.