Life, Uh, Finds a Way with Two Trees Botanicals

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When it comes to creative desk adornments, it’s hard to think outside the rose gold box. People need something with personality, and everything Two Trees Botanicals creates has just that.

From a gold-dipped Plesoasaur to the pastel pink Bronotosauraus, there’s everything in this Etsy shop you could need to make your desk more your own. All those dinosaur toys you had when you were a kid are now repurposed into awesome air plant holders, complete with an Instagram-worthy paint job. You can even get a mystery DIY terrarium to really live the twee dream.

I haven’t sprung for the dinos just yet, but I do have the these planters that I get a lot of compliments on. I think my next splurge will be these freakin’ awesome “jellyfish” planters that are actually just upside-down sea urchins, or one made from dried cholla cacti.