Keep Your Necklaces and Bracelets From Getting Tangled On Your Summer Trips With a $5 Vegan Leather Jewelry Wallet

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Croft Ave Jewelry Wallet | $5 | MorningSave
Croft Ave Jewelry Wallet | $5 | MorningSave
Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier

Croft Ave Jewelry Wallet | $5 | MorningSave

If you’re planning any trips this summer, you might need a place to store your jewelry before you pack! Grab one of these vegan leather for just $5 right now at MorningSave.

This nifty little wallet comes in your choice of red, navy, brown, blush (my pick!), silver, or grey. It has little snap loops for hanging onto necklaces and bracelets and also has a strap with eyelet holes for your earrings and their backs.

Grab it for just $5. And you know, Mother’s Day is coming up and these might make nice small gifts for the various mothers in your life or an add-on to a bigger gift!

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