Keep Your AirPods Safe From Dings and Dents With 50% off Nomad's Rugged Leather Case

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Brown Leather AirPod Case | $10 | Nomad | Use Promo Code KINJA67
Brown Leather AirPod Case | $10 | Nomad | Use Promo Code KINJA67
Graphic: Gabe Carey

Leather AirPod Case | $18 | Nomad | Use Promo Code KINJA50

I tried grabbing a pair of AirPods on sale last January, but they just didn’t seem to work for me. I recently decided to give them another shot, and it’s been pretty great! They’re perfect for catching up on podcasts while you waltz through your chores, or giving you some tunes while you’re on your evening walk to get some fresh air. The tricky part is how easily they, and especially the case, can get scuffed up.

A decent decal will give your case some protection from scratches, but you’ll want a more solid case if you’re looking to keep the original shell in good condition. Nomad’s accessories add a nice touch of character to your tech gear, and the company’s leather AirPods case will give your case a bit more grip plus a lot more protection. Right now, they’re giving Kinja readers 50% off their leather AirPods case, bringing them down to about $18. Just use the code KINJA50 at checkout, and your pods will be resting safely in no time.