Keep Track of Every Detail of Your Road Trip With This Exterior and Interior Facing Dash Cam for 42% Off

Night vision, Wi-Fi, 24-hour parking monitor, and built-in GPS, all for $70 after you enter this promo code.

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Pruveeo 2K + 2K Dual Dash Cam | $70 | Amazon | Promo Code FNEXZLF3
Pruveeo 2K + 2K Dual Dash Cam | $70 | Amazon | Promo Code FNEXZLF3
Graphic: Wes Davis

Pruveeo 2K + 2K Dual Dash Cam | $70 | Amazon | Promo Code FNEXZLF3

What if you could not only keep track of what’s happening outside your car, but also inside your car when you’re driving? Probably most immediately useful for you transit types—taxi or otherwise—but of course the interior-facing 150° lens on this Pruveeo 2K + 2K dual dash cam could also give you fodder for those wince-inducing family vacation videos you make, and force everyone to watch, every year. Hm? You don’t do that? That’s ... just me? Okay fine, but this thing is still a must-have for those of you whose late night activities include shuttling drunks back to their condos or college dorms, and it’s on sale for $50 off when you enter promo code FNEXZLF3 at checkout. Each lens records at 2K resolution at 30fps, and their combined viewing angle of 300° means you actually have almost no blind spots, as the camera can also see, assuming you’re not pointing it at your crotch or whatever, out the sides and back window, giving you almost bulletproof evidence to present when some jerko sideswipes you on the highway.

The camera also includes Wi-Fi for easy transfer to your phone at the end of a drive, built-in GPS with your current location and speed viewable via google maps on your phone (using the camera’s app) or your car’s screen, as well as infrared nightvision and a broad F1.8 aperture. If you’ve got an ACC hardwire kit with low battery voltage detection—I’ve never heard of that before, but here’s one with a $6 clip coupon that probably works—you can also use its 24hr parking monitor feature.

All told, it sounds neat and I wish I hadn’t spent all of my money this month on candy, or I would buy it too, because the drivers in my city are insane. I know that’s a Thing People Say, but before I moved here from another city where people always want to talk about the horrible drivers, I had only been passed in the bike lane like once or twice—here it happens to me multiple times a week. And that’s just one of the horrific driver behaviors I see here. Anyway, reader engagement time: how do your city’s drivers’ absolute disregard for all safety and predictable order manifest? It’s okay, you can tell me; I’m not a cop.