Keen Uneeks

The process Keen went through to create and manufacture the Uneek is actually pretty fascinating, but what we’re here to tell you is that they’re incredibly comfortable, cool, supportive, and versatile.

The Uneek is quite a look, with its drawcord top and wild color options, but if you prefer to tone it down, a solid colorway with a back is gonna be the way to go. As you can imagine, the construction of the upper makes the shoe breathable, drainable, distributes pressure evenly, and gives you a huge range of foot movement without ever feeling loose or requiring any effort on your foot’s part to keep the shoe in place.


Uneeks are perfect for non-treacherous camping, water activities, or just slipping on to walk the dog, and are available in open, strapped, or closed back styles.

Pricing is all over the place, so once you determine your size and style, taking a look at some alternate colors might save you a bunch of money.