Kammok's New Trail Quilt Is Light Enough to Bring Anywhere

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Preorder Bobcat Trail Quilt | Kickstarter

Imagine your favorite puffy jacket, but in blanket form. That’s the Bobcat trail quilt, from Kammok.

The lightweight down quilt is large enough to share, and rated for temperatures down to 45 degrees, but it only 19 ounces, and packs up smaller than a camera bag in the included roll-top compression sleeve. Integrated snaps let you connect multiple quilts, or attach it to your camping hammock, while elastic drawstrings let you curl it up into a makeshift cocoon.

The Bobcat’s Atmos ripstop nylon is extremely water resistant, but still soft to the touch. They sent me a sample, and it is indeed a cozy blanket, albeit a slightly loud one when rustled, as you’d expect from nylon. Still, for a camping trip or even an impromptu urban picnic, it offers a great combination of features, comfort, and most importantly, portability.

The Bobcat is already fully funded on Kickstarter, and you can preorder yours starting at $139. They’re promising holiday delivery, and while you should always take that with a grain of salt on Kickstarter, this is Kammok’s sixth project, so they’re pros at this.