It's 4/20: Here's 50% off Sunday Scaries CBD—With Vitamins [Exclusive]

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50% off Dawn To Yawn CBD | Sunday Scaries
50% off Dawn To Yawn CBD | Sunday Scaries
Graphic: Gabe Carey

50% off Dawn To Yawn CBD | Sunday Scaries

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Life is pretty terrifying right now, if I’m being honest. But, on the bright side, it is 4/20 which means it’s my birthday. To celebrate my birthday and nothing else, Sunday Scaries is giving our readers an exclusive 50% discount on its “Dawn To Yawn” package using the promo code KINJA50. Included in the mix are two types of gummies and a nighttime tincture, all of which contain vitamins and/or energy supplements.

Keep your head up (during the day) and down at night! The plain “Gummies for Chillin’” comprised in this bundle are blessed with Vitamin B12, D3, and broad spectrum CBD with 0% THC. The second batch, “Sour Gummies for Chillin’” incorporates organic sunflower oil, vitamin B12, and broad spectrum CBD. Last, the nighttime oil tincture combines Vitamin D3, coconut oil, and broad spectrum CBD for a night well rested.

Whatever your mood or preferred time of day to enjoy your daily dose, Sunday Scaries has got you covered. Subscribe for $50/month or try it once for $65 with our exclusive KINJA50 coupon.