Is an 8K TV Even Necessary? Who Cares When It's $1,700 Off

This 65" Samsung 8K TV is marked down by 34% on Samsung's website.

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Samsung 65" QLED 8K TV | $3,300 | Samsung
Samsung 65" QLED 8K TV | $3,300 | Samsung
Graphic: Wes Davis

Samsung 65" QN900A QLED 8K TV | $3,300 | Samsung

Maybe my eyes are just getting old, but I can hardly imagine needing an 8K TV in my life. But would I buy one if it cost as much as a good 4K TV? Of course I would. What do you take me for, a nincompoop? If you agree, and you have more money than I do, Samsung would like to see you in its office. This 65" Class QN900A Neo QLED 8K, normally a $5,000 proposition, is marked down to $3,300 right now while supplies last. That’s practically flirting with 4K pricing territory for many mini LED sets, and with the money you save—if you want to look at it this way—you could pick up a whole ‘nother TV, and a good one at that. Like $1,700 is what some great 55" OLEDs go for.

So let’s talk about this TV, because 8K is hardly worth it if the colors invert when you’re not looking dead on or it smells like a fish when you watch VR Troopers, right? It’s Mini LED, which means it’s an LED like that TCL I have, except it’s lit by potentially thousands of tiny LEDs that turn off in zones to achieve something resembling the deep black areas and high contrast of an OLED. And, of course, just as 4K has four times the resolution of an old timey HDTV, 8K quadruples the resolution again. All the TV guts are in the stand, so the screen itself is super svelte. Is there any content you can watch that’s in 8K resolution? Hardly! But is an 8K TV cool anyway? Of course it is! And you’ll be there on day one when an 8K game comes out on the PS5, saying to your friends, “I knew this day would come,” as their tongues fall out of their mouths and their eyes fly out of their disintegrating skulls and roll around on the floor.

Want to go even cheaper, and you don’t mind the trade-off of great response time and super slim bezels for, among other things, a brighter overall screen and slightly thicker bezels? Lucky you, the 65" QN800A is also on sale, for $2,800—that’s $700 cheaper, so you could get that good OLED and buy your gramps one of the big TCLs while you’re at it, with the money you saved! The savings aren’t as grand—$800 off instead of $1,700—but it’s still a friggin’ 8K for under $3,000, and that’s something.

This article was originally published by Wes Davis on 12/23/2021, and was updated on 1/21/2022.