Improve Your Vocabulary Forever With Wordela for $40

The program's smart flashcards help you master new words in 10 minutes a day.

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The program makes mastering new vocabulary easy and fun.
The program makes mastering new vocabulary easy and fun.
Graphic: Elise Caplan

We could all use help with our vocabularies from time to time — and whether you’re a native English speaker or just starting to learn, this deal will simplify the process. Meet Wordela, a program designed to teach you new words in just 10 minutes a day. It generates smart flashcards that make vocab drills easy and comes with step-by-step courses to help you sound smarter and achieve more fluency. You can get lifetime access to Wordela on StackSocial now for $40 — that’s 87% off the original price.

Wordela Vocabulary Mastery: Lifetime Subscription | $40 | StackSocial

Wordela relies on an advanced learning algorithm to ensure you’re getting the best lessons possible, and it tracks your progress so you can see how far you’ve come. Plus, the program is interactive — you can edit and add new words, create your own lists and customize flashcards to suit your needs. And of course, you can use it across multiple devices. Get a lifetime subscription now for $40 at StackSocial.