Illuminate the Weird Nooks and Crannies of Your Home for Just $30

Save 25% on a 4-pack of wireless LED under cabinet lights.

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Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Under Cabinet Light (4 Pack) | $30 | Amazon

My closet is already in a dark corner of my bedroom so when opened, it’s dang near pitch black. Like an idiot, for the past couple years I’ve just been using my phone flashlight to find things I needed hiding in the corner. It never occurred to me to just install a simple light in there until recently, and let me tell ya—life changer. These ones in particular come as a set of four and include remotes for adjusting brightness levels as well as letting you put them on timers. The pack is $10 off on Amazon for the next few days so get them while they’re hot! (Note: they won’t actually be hot because they are LED).