If You Are Very Wealthy, Samsung's 8K TVs Are At Least $1,000 Off

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Samsung 8K QLED TVs | $3,998 - $7,998 | Amazon
Samsung 8K QLED TVs | $3,998 - $7,998 | Amazon
Photo: Whitson Gordon

You don’t need an 8K TV, but Samsung’s first consumer 8K models have a lot going for them beyond resolution, and obviously, they’re quite future-proof too.

So if you have a lot of disposable income and can only accept the best, the 65" and 75" sets are both already $1,000 off their launch price, and the 82" model is $2,000 off. They’re still quite expensive, but maybe not quite as expensive as you’d expect for bleeding edge tech that’s years ahead of its time.