How To Correctly Pack When You’re Going To Rome For The First Time

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There’s a lot to look forward to when you’re planning your first trip to Rome. Not only do you get to see too many amazing sites to count, but you also have the perfect excuse to eat pasta, pizza, and gelato every single day.

Whether you’re visiting Rome for several weeks or just a few short days, you’re going to want to make sure you bring the right items with you. It can be overwhelming to pack when traveling to Europe, especially if it’s your first time overseas, or your first time in Italy.

When it comes to clothes, you obviously want to keep the weather in mind. For example, Rome is known for being scorching hot during the summer months, especially July and August. There are also some cultural things to keep in mind when choosing outfits to wear on your trip.

Whatever your concern is, be sure to bring the below items on your first trip to the Eternal City.