Hot Wheels Wants You to Channel Your Inner Child and Buy This Mario Kart Track

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If you thought the only way you could play Mario Kart was on your Nintendo Switch, you’re wrong. And no, we don’t mean you can play the game on your N64. You can channel your inner child and get a Hot Wheels Mario Kart track. Hot Wheels and Nintendo teamed up to introduce a product no one thought they needed until now.

The joint effort is already on sale online at Target. It includes the main track set, the Hot Wheels Mario Kart Mario Circuit Trackset, for $80. That track set comes with die-cast Mario and Yoshi karts. You can purchase two additional track sets for $20 each, the Hot Wheels Mario Kart Thwomp Ruins Trackset and Hot Wheels Mario Kart Piranha Plant Slide Trackset. The Thwomp trackset comes with a Luigi die-cast kart, while the Piranha Plant Side trackset comes with a Yoshi (in a different kart from the other trackset).

The Hot Wheels Mario Kart Mario Circuit Trackset is meant for children 5+ and up, and if you’re reading this, you’re obviously older than five and can buy it with your own money. Hot Wheel says that you can “level up” when you combine all three tracksets.

Hot Wheels brings the fast-paced action of the Mario Kart to life with the ultimate Mario Circuit Track, inspired by iconic courses from the critically-acclaimed video game. Race as Mario Kart fan-favorites Mario and Yoshi as die-cast kart vehicles and overcome obstacles and challenges-just like in the game, but this time on Hot Wheels track! Load karts into the launchers and turn on the booster to launch into action around the track and through the inverted loop! Set features include lap-counting flags, a booster, green shell obstacles to knock off your opponent and more.


The Mario Kart die-cast karts are compatible with existing Hot Wheels tracks. Other Mario Kart characters are expected to be available soon, including Princess Peach, Koopa Troopa, Toad, Bowser, and more. You can order all three tracksets online at Target.