Hot Deal: Don't Miss Out on This Feature-Packed Jumper Laptop for Just $270

Snag an affordable laptop that's perfect for work and play.

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Act fast, because this laptop will sell out in a flash at this price.
Act fast, because this laptop will sell out in a flash at this price.
Graphic: Brittany Vincent

Looking to pick up a new laptop now that the kids are back in school? Or maybe you don’t have kids and you just want a new piece of tech for yourself? Whatever the case may be, you can’t go wrong with a $270 laptop, especially one that normally runs $1,100. This 14-inch Jumper laptop is on sale at Amazon for $290, but you can clip the on-page coupon for a further $20 off. This is an insane deal that you won’t want to miss out on, even if you don’t really need or want another computer. You just don’t pass up this kind of discount.

Jumper 14-inch Laptop | $270 | Amazon | Clip Coupon

It’s no slouch in the specs department, either. It boasts a quad-core Intel Celeron processor, 12GB RAM, a 256GB SSD, and a full HD screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution. It isn’t the best of the best in terms of specs, but it’ll make some student the perfect place to do homework or you a great workstation. And it can handle streaming just fine, too. But at this price, it’s really a non-issue. It’s well worth picking up before it disappears. Just don’t forget to clip that coupon!