Here’s What a Walmart+ 15-Day Free Trial Gets You

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Walmart+ (15 Days) | Free | Walmart
Walmart+ (1 Month) | $13 | Walmart
Walmart+ (1 Year) | $98 | Walmart

If you’ve been curious about Walmart+—the retailer’s recently-launched membership program—there’s a low-commitment way to indulge that curiosity. You can try Walmart+ out for free, with a 15-day trial that gives you full access to all its benefits at no cost.

Walmart+ has some unique features that go beyond the get-everything-shipped-for-free perk we’ve come to expect from similar membership programs. Here’s the best of the bunch you can take advantage of right now with your free trial.

Free Delivery From Your Store

This might be the feature you take advantage of most often, especially in this age of all-delivery, all the time. First, download the Walmart app. Pick out groceries, gadgets, gifts—the usual Walmart stuff. Choose a same-day, one-hour pickup or delivery window (restrictions vary by store, but there are usually first-come, first-serve time slots available as early as 7 AM and as late as 8 PM). As long as you meet the $35 limit, it’s free. There’s even in-app tipping for drivers. And, there’s no limit to how many times you can take advantage of free delivery from your store, so order as often as you like during your trial.


Mobile Scan & Go

Walmart+ includes some in-store benefits, too. With mobile scan & go, you can save time in the checkout lane, contact-free. Just open the Walmart app, scan items as you drop them in your cart, then head over to self-checkout. Scan the QR code on the app, bag your stuff and that’s it. You’re done.

Member Prices on Fuel

You also get 15 days to save on gas with your Walmart+ free trial. The membership includes 5 cents off per gallon when you fill up at a Walmart station or a Murphy USA and Murphy Express gas station. Or, if you happen to be around a Sam’s Club, you can access their discounted member prices on gas. The Walmart app again helps make the process pretty seamless with an easy-to-access six-digit discount ID that you type into the keypad at the pump. Between Walmart locations, Murphy USA, Murphy Express, and Sam’s Club, there are over 2,000 gas station locations across the country.


To start a Walmart+ trial, sign up at If you’ve already got the Walmart app on your phone, you can sign up there, too. First, you’ll enter your address to see which Walmart+ benefits are available in your area. Then, you’ll choose between two membership plans — an annual plan for $97, or a monthly plan for $13. Your card won’t be charged until your trial ends, if you decide to stick with it. Then, it automatically renews every month or year, unless you decide to cancel.

The Walmart+ free trial is a great way to find out if the convenience and savings are worth it. After a few deliveries and gas station fill-ups, the math might just work out.