Here Are the Games Eligible For Amazon Prime's New $10 Credit, Including Select Digital Copies

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Amazon Prime’s 20% video game preorder discount is no more, may it rest in peace. But it’s been replaced by $10 Amazon credit on select video games, and now, we know which ones. Bookmark this page so you can find more eligible games as they add them.

Update: After this post went live, Amazon added the PS4-exclusive Spider-Man to the list, which was never eligible for the 20% discount previously.

It’s actually not all bad news! For example, FIFA 19 has only ever been available to preorder as a digital download, meaning it was never eligible for the 20% discount. But if you have Prime, it is eligible for the $10 credit.

However, the physical copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is eligible for the $10, but the digital download is not.

You’ll want to scroll down on each game’s page to make sure this language is present in the “special offers and product promotions section.” This was taken from the Smash page, and as written, it seems like it should work on the digital download, but once you actually switch over to the digital version’s product page, this bullet point disappears.