Remember when the Aeropress was your best and arguably only good bet for coffee in the wild? Your options are endless now, and here’s the weirdest/coolest one so far.

The Bripe is a copper ultralight coffee brewing vessel with attached straw. Pour in grounds and water, heat with blowtorch, check temperature with thermometer, and you’re off to the races.


Cynic that I am, I of course assumed the $85 kit didn’t include the torch, but it turns out there’s no “batteries not included” with Bripe. What you see is what you get:

And it’s pretty good! Temperature is one of the most important variables in coffee brewing, and since you’re staring at a thermometer with Bripe, there’s no excuse to screw that one up here.


You’ll still need to pack a grinder (yes), or grind your beans beforehand (no), but assuming you’re willing to supply good, well-ground beans, Bripe will serve up some excellent coffee on your next hike, while adding very little weight in the process.